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It’s Basic does not take responsibility or liability for any loss, harm or damaged obtained as a result of or relating to  www.itsbasic.co.za, any personal information of any browser or any information transmitted through the website. It’s Basic is not responsible or liable for any loss, harm or damage that a user may suffer due to any reliance on It’s Basic’s website content.

It’s Basic has taken great measures to ensure that the website and its content is honest and safe. However, we do not warrant that any files, software, downloads, videos or other material available from the website are free of viruses or other similar software. We also do not guarantee that the content does not have any mistakes or errors. It’s Basic will also not be held liable for any connectivity issues occurred by the user.

Changes to It’s Basic’s website and/or its terms and conditions:

It’s Basic reserves the right with accordance to the law, to changes or add to www.itsbasic.co.za and to update any changes to these terms and conditions at our discretion. Any change will apply as soon as they have been made and updated on the website. It’s Basic may notify you of any changes with regards to the website or terms and conditions, but it is the user’s responsibility to review the changes each time when making use of the website to ensure the user is aware of the new changes.

Users of It’s Basic may not:

  • Distribute It’s Basic content without receiving consent from the It’s Basic management team, as all notes and videos are copy righted and are the intellectual property of It’s Basic

  • Use any technology, including but not limited to crawlers and spiders to search our website or obtain information from our website

  • Frame/print screen any pages from www.itsbasic.co.za

  • Link any pages from www.itsbasic.co.za unless its through the homepage

  • Deep-link to any other pages from www.itsbasic.co.za in a way that would suggest that the user owns the intellectual property belonging to It’s Basic in order to protect the user and It’s Basic

  • Share It's Basic accounts.

  • Distribute login details of their It's Basic accounts, doing so will result in immediate termination of the users subscription.

Its Basic does not guarantee its users:

  • Any improvement in academic results  

  • That there are no mistakes within the content of the website

 By purchasing any It’s Basic package, you accept:

  • That the product purchased is constantly under development for continuous improvement

  • All content may not yet be uploaded

  • All content may not be 100% correct

  • Refunds will not be given as a result of dissatisfaction towards products

  • The subscription expires on the 31st of December 2020, regardless of purchase date

Ask a Tutor:

The ask a tutor feature will do its best to respond within 24 hours. The feature is only available to paying subscribers and the sharing of the WhatsApp number can result in termination of a user’s subscription with It’s Basic. The platform should not be used to get It’s Basic to do subscribers homework or assignments. This is a feature to help students learn through practicing questions. It’s Basic does not guarantee that all answers given by its tutors are factually correct, however this is considered to be a very unlikely event.